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Alishan National Scenic Area

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HS Low
18 November 2012
A mysterious feeling walking in forests veiled with mists.
21 August 2014
Amazing trek !
Teoh Gek Ling
5 January 2013
Awesome forest !
Lee Mc
4 March 2011
great for yor health... a lot of strange shape trees~~
Chenjing Wang
15 June 2017
Race was not easy because of the high altitude. Wish I will be back to see the cloud sea in winter and cherry blossom in spring. Stay in Xiding for a night to enjoy the tea!
David Yeow
23 March 2017
Nice for sunrise view in the morning, make sure you wear sweater and keep warm.
Evadora Zhengia
25 December 2016
Catch the sunrise with a 4am tour group if you can. Awesome experience if you don't mind the crowd and mountainous cold
5 August 2016
Such a great place. The air is cooler, cleaner, fresher. Well maintained steps all throughout. Go get lost in the green
Jin Ngee Chia
24 November 2015
The walk up from Chaoping Station to the Zhushan Sunrise Viewing Trail is more difficult. Watch the sunrise from 隙頂 | Shi Ding then come here to walk the abandoned rail track to the Shuishan Old Tree.
Jin Ngee Chia
24 November 2015
Take the walking path to see the Shuishan Old Tree following the abandoned rail track from Chaoping Station. No tour group comes here.
Ian Plekker
14 October 2015
Very busy and touristy, especially the sunrise viewing with Chinese. Try the other trails for a more natural experience and solitude.
Marcus Tan
12 August 2015
Nice view and environment
Catch C
28 July 2015
Great for hikes, but avoid the weekends or summer vacations as there'll be lots of people.
Kookai H
24 April 2015
Way too many Chinese tourists!
Mara Liu
9 April 2015
It's better to go on weekdays.
21 August 2014
Go see the sunrise at Tatajia !
Sean Nie
22 June 2014
Great Outdoor Nature
31 March 2014
Beautiful forest...
Miquio M55
27 April 2013
Serhat Karakutuk
5 November 2017
Rüya gibi muhteşem bir yer. Eğer Taiwana yolunuz düşerse mutlaka ama mutlaka gitmenizi tavsiye ederim.
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阿里山國家森林遊樂區 Alishan National Forest Recreation Area (阿里山國家森林遊樂區) on Foursquare

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